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Manufacturing Capabilities

We are a full service supplier with world-class capabilities. We have produced worldwide brands for the top Fortune 100 companies utilizing our various plants.
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Personal Care

State of the art manufacturing for creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, washes and other Personal Care products.

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A wide range of cosmetic & beauty products filled into bottles, tubes or jars.

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World class manufacturing of soft gels, tablets, 2 piece capsules and powders in three separate facilities.

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Nutrilite Farm

Workers harvesting echiancea on Trout Lake Farm.

Utilize certified organic, non-GMO, & sustainable farming practices to raise a variety of crops for use in our own Nutrilite vitamins & supplements – also available for sale to our contract customers.

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Home Care Liquids

Personal Care manufacturing - unretouched image

Capable of mixing all household hard surface cleaners, liquid laundry, liquid hand soap and body washes.

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Screen printers

Five different extrusion blow molding machines/technologies capable of making HDPE & LDPE bottles in either mono-layer or tri-layer design as well as UV screen printing on 4 decorating lines with up to 7 colors.

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Paper Products

Large roll of paper

A variety of different printing capabilities for production of pressure sensitive labels, folding cartons, food contact inserts, literature/brochures and catalogs.

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