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Access Business Group

Maybe you need additional production capacity to cope with peak periods. Or maybe you simply don’t want to incur the headache and overhead that come with doing your own manufacturing. Turn to Access Business Group like so many others do. We are a trusted third-party manufacturer for some of the best-known brand names in the business. We have produced more than 185 million units from 398 SKUs for our third-party partners.

Access Business Group is a financially stable company with a proven willingness to invest in technologies that bring you high quality, cost-effective production. With Access, count on the fast, expert attention that you deserve. Overall, Access owns and operates 10 cutting-edge manufacturing plants. In California, we've been producing quality nutritional products since 1934. In Michigan, we’ve been at it since 1959.

As we’ve grown, so have the capacities and sophistication of our facilities. We take considerable pride in our scrupulous quality control at each of our manufacturing plants. Your focus on cost and quality drives our ongoing investment in new capabilities. Talk to us about what you need for your next project. Our goal first and foremost is to help bring your product to market with the highest quality and a competitive price.


Contract Manufacturing Highlights

  • Financially stable
  • High-volume manufacturing
  • Vertical integration of services and products
  • 256-acre complex in Michigan with seven main production plants